Here are the longest lasting and safest new sheds in Central Florida! And they come with a Lifetime Warranty!


LARK buildings from ShedMovers are simply the highest quality sheds you can buy anywhere, with a LIFETIME WARRANTY, yet they cost about the same as sheds elsewhere.  Built for Florida weather, these sheds come STANDARD with features others charge extra for. All come with no money down and free delivery as well as totally free setup*. It's another "ShedMovers Difference"  *(exluding crane)  

If distance is a problem or if for some reason you can't make it here to view our shed models, we'll make it to you!  Just give a call and we'll arrange to have one of our shed experts stop by!  We make it easy and convenient to buy the very best products and service. 

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Browse through the new shed pictures below.  Each picture is numbered so you can keep track of which parts of which sheds you like.  You customize all you want...  we'll build it, deliver it and install it with no money down.  And do it at around the same cost of everybody else.  Really.

ZERO $ DOWN DELIVERS your new Lark Shed!

01  Helllo from Ron Farmer & ShedMovers! 02  12 x 24 L/J Sidegable w/8’ roll door 03  14 x 20  L/J Sidegable w/6’ roll door 04– 8 x 10 Lapsider Endgable w/46” Door 05  10 x 16 L/J Playhouse  w/4’ Porch, 36” door w/9-Payne Window 06 07  12 x 24 L/J Sidegable with end 6’ Roll Door and 36” Side door 08  10 x12 Lapsider, Boxed Eave w/46” Door 09  Cut a hole in the floor and place the building around the unit.  Easy! 10  10 x 20 L/J with 4’ Loft built in back 100.  ShedMovers, the only dealer with a Lifetime Installation Warranty! 101.  Every building is customized by you! We build, deliver and install.  100% Satisfaction Guarantee! 102  Accu-Steel interior 11  10 x 16 L/J Endgable with 60” Door 12  12x24 Lapsider, Endgable,Boxed Eave Accu-Steel with 8’ Roll door 13  Diamond Plate on Roll Door (comes standard) 14– 8x12 Screen Room 15  -12 x 30 L/J set up 6 blocks high 16  10 x 16 Greenhouse 17  8 x 14 L/J Endgable with 6’ roll door 18  10 x 16 Lean-To Shed with 60” Door 19  12 x 30 L/J Wood, Endgable w/8’ roll door 19a. Our Anchors 20  Lapsider Playhouse with 5’ porch, 46” door with 9-Payne windows. 21  Backside of # 20 with 8’ Roll Door 22  8 x 12 Lapsider, Endgable with 46” Door 23  Inside view of 20 x 30 L/J, Accu-Steel with 8’ Roll Door 24  12 x 20 Lapsider, Playhouse w/5’ porch and 46” door. 25  12 x 24 L/J, Endgable with 8’ roll door 26  10 x 12 L/J, Sidegable, Cedar Siding, w/46” Door 27  10 x 20 L/J Endgable w/Double 36” Doors 28  10 x 12 Lapsider, Sidegable with D-36” doors w/9-Payne windows 29  Actual lag bolts (standard).  We know how to build sheds! 30  10 x 20 Lapsider, Sidegable, Boxed Eave w/60” Door 31  12 x 30 L/J , Sidegable w/Double 36” Doors with 9-Payne windows 32  8 x 14 Lapsider Cedar Siding 33  10 x 24 L/J, Endgable, Boxed Eave w/6 x 7 Roll Door and 36” Main Door 34  You get more for your money at ShedMovers! 35  12 x 24 Lapsider, Endgable, Boxed Eave 36  Massive Lofting - makes a ton of storage space. 37 38  12 x 24 L/J Sidegable with 8 x 7 Roll Door. 39  12 x 24 L/J Sidegable with 8 x 7 Roll Door. 40  12 x 24 L/J Sidegable with 8 x 7 Roll Door. 41  10 x 20 L/J Endgable w/6 x7 Roll Door 42  6 x 10 Lapsider w/60” Door 43  8 x 10 Lapsider, Sidegable w/60” Door 44  8 x 20 L/J Sidegable 45  It is really tough to get water through this, but the air passes nicely! 46  8 x 20 L/J Sidegable 47  12 x 20 L/J Sidegable with 6 x 7 Roll Door on the End 48  6 x 8 Endgable with 46” Door 49  8 x 12 Lapsider, Endgable with 46” Door 50 Prewired Electric, outlets and lights are standard! 51 The electric all hooks up with a standard 3 wire pigtail. 52  12 x 24 L/J Endgable w/8 x 7 Roll Door 53  Endgable Roof showing The Truss System 54  12 x 20 Lapsider, Sidegable With 46” Door 55  8 x 10 L/J Endgable with 60” Door 56  10 x 14 Endgable 57  12 x 24 Lapsider, Sidegable, Boxed Eave with Double 36” Doors 58  12 x 24 Lapsider, Endgable with Double 46” Doors 59  We're the best in the business at putting your shed right where youi want it! 60  No hidden fees, no extra 61  10 x 16 L/J Playhouse, 36” door w/ 9 – Payne window and 4’ porch 62  10 x 16 L/J Playhouse, 36” door w/ 9 – Payne window and 4’ porch 63  10 x 16 L/J Playhouse, 36” door w/ 9 – Payne window and 4’ porch 64  10 x 16 L/J Playhouse, 36” door w/ 9 – Payne window and 4’ porch 65– Inside View of 12 x 30 Lapsider 66  Inside view of Accu-Steel 67  10 x 16 Lean-Too with 60” Door 68  12 x 20 Lapsider, Endgable, Boxed Eave 69  10 x 16 L/J Endgable w/Double 36” Doors 70– View of plywood support framing around door 71– 8 x 10 Lapsider, Sidegable w/offset door 72  Inside View of wood frame building 73  12 x 20 L/J Sidegable, Boxed Eave w/2 door, being used for office 74  Our standard wood sheds are impressive! 75  12 x 24 L/J Endgable with 8 x 7 roll Door 76  12 x 12 Lapsider 77  – 8 x 10 Lapsider Sidegable Boxed Eave 78  10 x 16 L/J Endgable w/60 “ Door 79  12 x 24 L/J sidegable with 8 x 7 Roll Door 80– 12 x 16 L/J Endgable 81  12 x 24 L/J Endgable w/8 x 7 Roll door	82  6 x 10 Lapsider, Endgable w/36” Door 83  10 x 20 L/J Playhouse with 36 “ Door and 4’ Porch 84  Real Hurricane clips all over!  Yeah! 85  8 x 10 Lapsider , Sidgable 86  10 x 12 L/J Sidegable 87  10 x 30 Lapsider, Playhouse with 5’ porch & 46” Door 88  10 x 12 L/J Sidegable, Boxed Eave 89 Don't forget, Rent 2 Own with 0$ down and No Credit check! 90  10 x 24 L/J Endgable 91 Just the right color, the shed blends right in! 92  8 x 12 Lapsider, w/T-111 Siding and a Shingled roof and boxed Eave 93  12 x16 L/J Endgable w/6 x 7 Roll Door. 94– Inside View of Accu-Steel 95  10 x 16 Lean-Too Shed with 60” Door & 36”Door. 96  10 x 16 Lean-Too Shed with 60” Door & 36”Door. 97  24 x 30 L/J Endgable with 2-9 x 7 Roll Doors, one on each end 98.  24 x 30 L/J Endgable with 2-9 x 7 Roll Doors, one on each end 99.  12 x 24 Lumberjack Endgable with several 30 x 40, windows
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View the difference for yourself.  See the quality inside your next shed!   

Accu-steel buildings from ShedMover’s are rollformed from heavy duty 18 gauge G-90 galvanized material, and offer advantages not found with wood.  Accu-steel is not expensive as you might think! Learn more!


   Double and Triple wide models are available.  Click here to see more!  




ShedMovers gives you a LIFETIME WARRANTY on your new shed.  If there's a problem with the structural integrity, we'll replace it..  FREE! 

ShedMovers "Gentleman's Agreement" lets you order your shed with no money out of pocket.

ShedMovers also offers guaranteed Rent-To-Own, no credit check financing. You are approved for the purchase of any new Lark Shed.

 After it's built, your shed is delivered and totally installed for free*. It's all  done by the most experienced shed movers in the state. (Excludes Crane Service if needed)

Our sheds last longer.  Compare these features to any other's you find:

    • Our wood structured buildings is made of #1 SOUTHERN YELLOW PINE which is stronger and has a higher stress rating then most other types of lumber.             
    • All walls are assembled with 2x4's placed on the 24" on centers with top & bottom  plates and connected diagonally with heavy guage steel T wall bracing for superior shear wall protection.
    • Lots of bolts, straps or clips!  ShedMovers units have a 160 mph wind load. You'll find bolted construction, hurricane staps and clips. In fact, you'll find double clips top and bottom.
    • Walls are connected to the floors with 4" lag bolts placed every 16 inches. This will give the building the superior up lift protection NOT provided by nails or straps that are nailed.
    • Hurricane clip connection on the roof rafters to hurricane clip connection on ALL of the 2x4's. You will have CONTINUOUS UNINTERRUPTED positive connection from roof to the floor. There are no weak points in this to compromise strength.
    • Floor joist are on the 16" centers.  Floor is 3/4" Tongue and Groove MCA pressure treated plywood known as MICROPRO. Its easier to paint and resists the Florida termites!
    • Electric is pre-wired with outlet and lights are included standard.
    • Windows/vents included.
    • LARK also offers our "STANDARD" size building with the floor to header plate inside measurement  of 6 1/2'.*
    • LARK is the ONLY dealer who offer a "LUMBERJACK" building with the floor to header plate inside measurement of 8'.*
    • LARK doesn't take measurements from the outside (from the  ground up" approach).
    • Double and Triple wide models available
    • ACCUSTEEL buildings are rollformed from heavy duty 18 guage G-90 galvanized material- not only does it give you strength and durability, but also provides needed rust protection. ACCUSTEEL is manufactured using a totally new concept of rollforming and assembly. A system and method of steel stud construction that is unprecedented.





 321.567.4935 or info@originalshedmovers.com


Every new Lark building is built your specifications! Customize any way you like.




"A Gentlemans Agreement"
Zero down builds and delivers. Each new Original Shedmovers Shed is customized to your need, built and then delivered with no money down. Each contains all the features others charge extra for, at no cost to you.


For 40+ years LARK BUILDERS has dedicated themselves to manufacture the best portable building the industry has to offer. Their attention is to the quality, durability, and product value. 

  See how they're built!                                                            30+ year old Lark building!                                                          

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See the quality constructrion of ShedMovers sheds for yourself!

Take a look at many examples of new Lark Sheds! 

Double and Triple wide models available

Accu-Steel Sheds


After you've decided on a shed, remember that nobody moves sheds and portable buildings as well as ShedMovers! We put your building where YOU want, no job too tough.  No ruts in your yard either! With ZERO DOWN DELIVERS you can’t go wrong! 

Call ShedMovers today to get started on your Lark portable building purchase! 321.567.4935




Lark Builders Inc. has been providing  “The Standard in Portable Buildings” since 1967.  Lark portable buildings are designed and built using state-of-the-art manufacturing practices, and are often applauded as the best products available in the new shed industry.

Lark offers the "STANDARD LAPSIDER" storage building with inside floor to top header plate measurments of 6 1/2'

Lark is the only one who offers "LUMBERJACK" storage building with inside floor to top header plate measurements of 8'

Lark also offers the "FRONT PROCH" to your "PLAYHOUSE" shed

However, Lark has not only taken superior manufacturing into consideration when designing and building its portable buildings.  The Lark exterior design of each portable building is both attractive and superior in quality.  These new sheds will enhance the appearance of your property, not take away from or create an eye sore like some other lesser quality new sheds.



ShedMovers is pleased to be able to provide Lark portable building products.   Whether you are interested in a small shed or a large shed, Lark has many different styles and sizes of new shed available for your selection.  Our experienced sales team will help you choose the best Lark new shed for your property and needs.

Other shed moving companies often don’t provide the opportunity to purchase new sheds of the same quality as Lark portable buildings.  ShedMovers strives to provide its customers with only the best in new shed products and shed moving services.  Customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

We are the original Shed Movers!  See another of our website's for even more information at:  www.OriginalShedMovers.com

Don’t wait another minute.  If you are looking for a new shed or are in need of a shed moved,
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